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Clinical Psychologist
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bedwetting can be corrected bedwetting


Bedwetting affects one of every 10 children now in school. This problem can be corrected. With proper support from their family and very specific training, children can learn how to be dry all night.

Full Spectrum Behavioral Treatment is widely recognized as a research tested and effective treatment. Dr. Houts developed this approach and has published the studies that support the treatment.

We accept patients after the pediatrician or family doctor has done an evaluation to rule out possible medical causes. Patients are seen when family members can attend with the bedwetting child.

The treatment program requires three initial visits in three consecutive weeks.

Please Contact Dr. Houts for a consultation.

  • Private consultation for the whole family
  • Research proven treatments
  • Manual for parents & support materials for child
  • Relapse prevention methods
  • A permanent solution with follow-up care
  • 30 years of experience helping bedwetting children